A 7-Day Challenge for Integrating Your

Calm, Compassion, and Vision 

A 7-Day Challenge for Integrating Your Calm, Compassion, and Vision 

Day 3: Healing

Blessed day to you, Warrior Goddess!

Do you know what is Wise?

Dedicating yourself to healing: ancestral, personal, planetary.

And understanding that healing is not about getting back to perfection, and healing is not about fixing.

Healing is an attitude seeped in patience and love.

The Wise energy is about living our experiences fully and healing through them. People that are seated in their wisdom know how to face, rather than avoid or minimize, challenges and loss.

They have experienced the dissolution of what once felt solid — relationships, work, home, health, finances — and have gone through to see on the other side, how precious life is, and also how things work out.

When you have embodied your Wisdom there isn’t a sense of “I have to figure this out or fix it.” The wisdom is your root, your belly, connected to the divine, connected to nature. The Wise energy knows how to step back, get perspective, and see the larger picture.

Healing comes when we zoom out to see the biggest picture and then zoom back in with patience and presence.

Today we have a video, a worksheet, and an audio for your Wise pleasure. Remember, all of the videos are less than 10 minutes (and are also available as just audio if that is easier for you) the worksheets can be completed online or printed out, and the audios can be listened to anytime.


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Join me LIVE!

As part of the Warrior Goddess Wise 7-Day Challenge I’m offering FOUR webinars so we can step into our Wisdom together. Come to one or all; details below. You’ll get reminders before each one. I’ll share some teachings and inspiration and leave lots of space for questions and exploring how to integrate more wild, witchy wisdom into your days. Recordings will be available.

Mark your calendars; all webinars will be on

Mark your calendars; all webinars will be on this zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82123073838 

One tap mobile: +16694449171,,82123073838#
Meeting ID: 821 2307 3838

Click the times below to see the time and date in your time zone and use the link to add to your personal calendar!

Wise Webinar #1: Wild, Witchy Wisdom: Balancing Your Inner Maiden, Mother, and Crone
Click here to access the replay.

Wise Webinar #2: Bouncing Back Better: Wisdom for Healing
Click here to access the replay.

Wise Webinar #3: Tea & Talk: The Wisdom of Self-Care
Click here to access the replay.

Wise Webinar #4: Getting Empty to Get Full: The Wisdom of Letting Go
Click here to access the replay.

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