Warrior Goddess WILD

A seven-day journey to cultivate play and pleasure

Day 6: Play when it is hard

You are deserving, Warrior Goddess.

Whether you have done every exercise, or you are just now starting the challenge, you are in the right place and right time. You can’t do it wrong. You are deserving, worthy, and wild.

For Day 6 of our Warrior Goddess WILD Challenge, we focus on the courage to stand in your pleasure even when it is hard.

Whew, this is not easy for some of us! Owning and embodying pleasure even when we are struggling, or when those we love are suffering, can feel disrespectful or just downright impossible.

But you are allowed, and really encouraged, to continue to experience pleasure in all ways possible even in the face of hardship: your own or others.

Along with today’s video and PDF, I’m also sharing a guided meditation you can use to help you shake off any fear, despair, guilt, or confusion (yours or another’s) and reconnect with your pleasure and play, and why it is so damn important to do so!


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